We know there are several places to take art lessons, varying in size and style – from strict academic tradition to a more casual community center. Each has their own take on art education. Our FAQs are here to help. With all the choices, here’s what you can expect from Kindred Creative Inc.  

What makes your art instruction different from other art classes?

FAQs Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary - students working imageYou will never hear me saying, “Today, we’re going to paint this apple.” Instead, I demonstrate the concept being taught, we practice it together, then focus on developing each child’s ideas and skills throughout a project.

This fluid approach allows us to help each student along independently. Because their project is different from their fellow classmates, students do not compare their work to others. This helps students stay genuinely interested in what they are painting or drawing without becoming discouraged.

I am invested in my students.

FAQs Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary - Young Artists as EntrepreneursAs an artist and a teacher, I am invested in each of my students…not just their creative walk, but in their daily lives.  I help them develop both short-term and long-term goals and encourage them along the way as they uncover their creative ability. Every student has my support and creative guidance whether they are on your property or mine.

Students learn by my example how to recognize an opportunity to use their creative gifts and seize it!

FAQs Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary - Disney float

I have been a full-time professional artist since 1998 and have sold art since I was 16 years old.  My personal work has been shown in art galleries, and I have created custom paintings for interior design firms, for individuals, and commercial developments.

I’ve worked as a scenic artist for Disney and Universal Studios; and have painted sprawling murals along the way.  When students see first-hand, a fine artist working, they become inspired by the process of professional projects.

I bring art and technology together.

FAQs Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary - art and technology come together

Over the years, my graphic art and design work has complimented my fine art abilities. I form connections between paper and pencil and computer programs.  Rather then addressing fine art and graphic design as unrelated courses, I bring them together to demonstrate how our fine art skills can give us the opportunity to create digital and tangible products.

I provide a unique studio experience.

FAQs Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary - Delaney workingWe are not in a typical classroom environment, rather nestled in a studio full of colorful paint, books, wood, canvas, tools and imagination.  My students learn how to build their own canvases, prepare wood surfaces for their paintings, and dream up new ways to take their ideas to the next level!



Q: My child does not have any experience in art. Would your class be a good fit?

FAQs Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary - children make art

A: I am happy to teach and mentor your child for years to come regardless of their prior experience.  With the ability to help your child grow creatively, regardless of “experience” or “talent”, students quickly recognize they can do far more than they ever knew with some instruction and guidance.


Q: My child is interested in graphic design or graphic art. Would your class be beneficial?

A: Any graphic artist will tell you that knowing a graphics program will not make you a “good” graphic artist. The foundation to becoming a good graphic artist is first learning to practice with pencil and paper.  Acquiring basic fine art skills in composition, color, texture, form, perspective and line quality are necessary for any graphic artist.  After these skills are developed on paper, it is time to move them into the computer.  Here, you will work through another journey as you learn a digital art program; and once you can make your way around the screen, you can put those fine art skills to use once again!  Our art classes are a great foundation to begin graphic art.

Q: Is my child safe at your studio?

A: I am insured, fingerprinted, Live Scanned and approved by the Department of Justice so you can ensure your child is safe. 

Q: How much is class and how do I make my payment?

A: Our 2-hour Foundations and Honors Art Classes are $189 for 8 hours each month. All payments will be made online through our payment portal.

If you are a homeschool family through a charter school, you may use your funds to pay for class.  We are an approved vendor for River Springs, Inspire, Excel Academy, Julian Charter School, Sky Mountain, Dehesa, and Epic Charter School.

Q: How many students are in a class?

A: Our classes typically serve 6-10 students while giving adequate attention and instruction during the creative journey.


Q: What if we miss a class?

A: We expect our students to attend class regularly. We also understand “life happens.”  If your child will be missing class, please notify us as soon as possible so we may prepare our lesson accordingly. Due to COVID related spaced limitations, all makeup classes will be taken virtually.  I will assign an appropriate Zoom class. No refunds will be given for missed classes.


Q: What if I need to change a class time or day?

You may review our class schedule to determine a convenient day for your class (Foundations Art or Honors Art).  You may send me an email to request to enroll in another day.  You will be accommodated if a seat is available.

Q: What if we plan to go on vacation?

Please notify us in advance if your student will be on vacation.  Billing will continue, however, you will be entitled to makeup sessions to account for your missed class(es).

Q: What if we need to withdraw from class?

A: If you are no longer able to attend our class, we request parents to contact us at least 2 weeks prior to the next billing date if you are withdrawing your child.  Refunds will not be given for any unused/missed classes.