Foundations Studio Class

Recommended for ages 7-12
This foundational course develops skills through practical experience in the concepts of drawing and painting. Through demonstration, class exercises, and the pursuit of individual projects, students work with color-mixing, texture, perspective, scale, measurement, composition, and technique.

Students gain experience in troubleshooting while they work and become comfortable pursuing more advanced techniques.

$189/4 sessions
Class meets once a week for 2 hours

Honors Art Studio Class

Recommended for ages 12-18
This intermediate course builds upon fundamental skills while encouraging students to begin thinking deeper about their work. An in-depth lesson is given on an element of art. Each student is guided in developing a composition while working in a subject of their liking.

Students build and stretch their own canvases then move through the project with guidance and individual tutelage.

Class meets once a week for 2 hours
$189/4 sessions

Adult Fine Art Workshop

Recommended for ages 19+

Adults enjoy 7 sessions of foundational skills while completing a pastel drawing.  Learn to “see” as an artist! You will learn to scale, create and intriguing composition by seeing and creating texture, value, mix color and improve your hand. Everything you learn in this workshop will set you up for success as you move into exploring other media. 

You will choose the image of your choice and will never be told what to draw or paint.  Individual guidance is provided each week as you complete your piece.

Class meets on Sundays for 2 hours
$349/7 sessions

About Janna Geary

About Janna Geary

President | Artist

Janna Geary was born in 1978 near Detroit, Michigan. Her father and mother fled the city life and transplanted their family to the countryside. The home was nearly 100 years old, stood amongst 3 acres of wild flower gardens and old sheds. Out of the corn-cobb insulated walls grew a little girl fascinated with life, the possibilities, and the determination to discover her impact beyond the miles of fields. It was here that she began her creative work.

As she became a young woman, her hard work and perseverance proved valuable in her artistic pursuits as a painter. Janna Geary, an artist commissioned by the public and civic community since age 16, continued to plot her creative career at Kendall College of Art and Design after being awarded a full scholarship and winning a national competition in 1996. Here, Janna developed her fine art and illustration, then left Kendall to establish Artistica Fine Art Studio in the Detroit art scene. Having developed an undefeatable drive, dedication, and a wealth of creative visions, Janna left Detroit for Los Angeles in 2001.

She is the Author and Illustrator of Ava Mae the Great Gourmet; and the mother of the delightful Ava Lorren.