We Begin Where You Left Off.

We are a full-service art & design firm with a line of products and services offered to clients both near and far.  Our clients seek us out to put on our creative hats, present inspiring ideas, and deliver top-notch solutions.  We present ideas in boardrooms, build and create in our studio, then reveal a stunning finished product.

The Challenge

Our clients are visionaries, brilliant business people, and forward thinkers who are looking for a unique product, and they can articulate their ideas exceptionally well.  However, not everyone can decode their language, translate it into a tangible masterpiece and bring their vision to life.  We humbly accept the challenge.

Our Solution

Whether we’re creating a monumental piece for a corporation or developing a sentimental custom piece for a client, our breakthroughs happen when we intuitively bend creative rules and stay in balance with boundaries – and that is exactly what gives our work a powerful and unique voice.

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  • Consulting services for interior design/architectural firms
  • Boardroom brainstorming
  • Creative problem solving
  • Concept development
  • Project management
  • Project budget & proposal writing
  • Marketing & brand development




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  • Drawing & painting
  • Private & corporate art commissions
  • Commercial & residential projects
  • Wood construction, concrete, clay, tile
  • Scenic painting & 3-dimensional murals
  • Unique interior paint finishes
  • Book design & creation
  • Graphic design & digital drawing




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  • Project presentations
  • Gallery exhibitions
  • Private showings
  • Open studio events
  • Student workshops
  • Book signings