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About Janna Geary

About Janna Geary

Janna Geary was born in 1978 near Detroit, Michigan. After witnessing the realities of the city, her father and mother escaped city life and transplanted their family to the countryside. The home was nearly 100 years old, stood amongst 3 acres of wild flower gardens and old sheds. Out of the corn-cobb insulated walls grew a little girl fascinated with life, the possibilities, and the determination to discover her impact beyond the miles of fields. It was here that she began her creative work.

As she became a young woman, her hard work and perseverance proved valuable in her artistic pursuits as a painter. The driving force of Janna Geary’s sculptural paintings challenges the emotions behind her self, and her audience, resulting in a wide array of patrons across the nation. Janna Geary, an artist commissioned by the public and civic community since age 16, continued to plot her creative career at Kendall College of Art and Design after being awarded a full scholarship and winning a national competition in 1996. Here, Janna developed her fine art and illustration, then left Kendall to establish Artistica Fine Art Studio in the Detroit art scene. Having developed an undefeatable drive, dedication, and a wealth of creative visions, Janna left Detroit for Los Angeles in 2001.

She is Author and Illustrator of Ava Mae the Great Gourmet, Editor of Father’s Time Magazine, and mother of the delightful Ava Lorren. Her blog, The Fine Art of Mothering inspires mothers to preserve the peace and innocence of their children, and hold in reverence the virtuous values which shape their everyday actions and lives.


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